First State Parliamentarians 
"Parliamentary Procedure is first in our hearts and first in our minds; but, most importantly first in our actions.” 

Who Are WE?

Meet our Leadership Team

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National Association of Parliamentarians

Darlene T. Allen, PRP, President

The Board of Directors, which meets five times each biennium, is largely responsible for NAP’s strategy, operations, and growth. Officers and committees develop products and services, manage certification, organize regional and national events, and oversee headquarters operations

District Two NAP

Cynthia Mayo, PRP, Director 

District Two consists of the following chartered associations: .
Delaware Association of Parliamentarians
District of Columbia Association of Parliamentarians
Maryland Association of Parliamentarians
New Jersey State Association of Parliamentarians
Pennsylvania Association of Parliamentarians
Virginia State Association of Parliamentarians
West Virginia Association of Parliamentarians

About DSAP

Who Are We?  What Do We Do? 


The Delaware State Association of Parliamentarians is a constituent division of the National Association of Parliamentarians ("NAP"). To learn more about NAP, click "NAP Details."

NAP Details


Membership in DSAP is open to all persons who are members of NAP. Members of NAP are governed by the Code of Ethics for Parliamentarians. For DSAP membership information, click "DSAP Membership Info."

DSAP Membership Info

What We Do

NETWORKING Share experiences with others and become more effective in your parliamentary action.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Gain decision-making influence in organizations and a unique individual legitimacy and credibility.

SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS Attend training sessions and access the most current industry resources at discounted rates.

STRATEGIES Learn good practices and long-term strategies for running successful meetings.

Our Units